KUWU encourages a collaborative rather than judgmental relationship, making consultations available on need basis. The Center welcomes learners in four major modalities: drop-in-meetings, scheduled appointments, group tutoring, and writing groups. The learners are encouraged to schedule appointment in advance. During the meeting, any five of the following approaches can be used:

One-on-one consultations

During the appointment, senior resource person at the Unit (either Faculty Coordinator or Faculty mentors) understands writing needs of the learners and assist in the domain of requirement. Final ten minutes are used to receive the learners’ impression about the session. The learners are encouraged to drop their writing samples before meeting the consultant faculty.

Peer tutoring

A cohort of qualified tutors – peer and expert – volunteering for Writing Unit avail themselves to offer their expertise to the learners. As trained individuals the assigned tutor(s) work with individual learner’s strength and weakness to develop strategies for improvement. Specifically, the tutor listens to the learners, diagnoses writing problems, and offers feedback on improving writings.

Group tutoring

To encourage collaborative learning, learners and tutors work actively together. The assigned tutor supports the learners and provide non-evaluative environment: they facilitate when the writers face stumbling blocks.

Writing boot camp

Depending on the demand of students enrolled for PhD, M. Phil., and Masters, KUWU organizes three to five days long camp every three months or as per the demand and availability of the consulting faculty on writing different components of thesis. Such camps allow thesis writers to spend time with the peers and senior faculties, preparing them to further their thesis work.

Workshop and training

Workshops and training sessions in the identified areas of need are organized regularly. Information about these sessions are announced at least 10 days prior to the scheduled date.