Welcome to Kathmandu University Writing Unit

Kathmandu University Writing Unit (KUWU), established in mid-May 2020, is a free of charge resource center for the faculty members and students (graduate and post-graduate) at Kathmandu University (KU). At the Unit, guidance is offered to the learners at any stage of writing (exclusively academic, scientific and technical documents) process –planning an outline to polishing a draft.

We welcome learners from every discipline. The proposed domain of intervention include:

  • Writing process
  • Mechanics of writing
  • Academic writings – concept note, research proposal, research articles, thesis and dissertation
  • Academic presentations – poster, PowerPoint and conference

To make an appointment with the Unit members, go to:


Note: None of the members of KUWU neither write nor edit papers for the learners; the team members help the learners acquire writing and editing strategies.


The Writing Unit at Kathmandu University (KUWU), operating under the Directorate of Research, Development and Innovation (RDI), offers services to graduate students and faculty members at Kathmandu University. As a writing support unit, KUWU offers service to those seeking assistance in any stage of the writing process, and create a strong culture of writing. Precisely, the Unit’s activities reflect the mission of the University.

Particularly, the Unit aims to:

  1. establish and maintain innovative writing programs and services that meet the needs of graduate students and faculty members;
  2. promote academic excellence through comprehensive development of writing skills;
  3. provide tutoring, guidance, innovative workshops in support of independent learning; and
  4. build professional affiliations with international and regional writing centers that will aid professional development and promote high academic standards.